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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sissy Baby Shopping

Mistress is getting into one of Her "sissy baby moods."  No, She doesn't want to be a sissy baby, She wants to have me play that role.  She always enjoys this but sometimes the moods are more powerful than others.

Shopping for adult sissy baby clothes used to be far more difficult than it is now.  When She's in one of Her moods, She always likes to buy something new for Her baby.

Now, with places like ebay, etsy and other places on the web that cater to many of these fantasies, shopping is so much easier. 

How can you go wrong shopping at a place called "Sissy Baby Boutique" that features custom made sissy baby dresses?

She has Her eye on this one, and thinks The Boyfriend will like it on me.


  1. Oh that is such a cute sissy dress! I love being a sissy gurl for my Mistress too :-)

  2. Hopefully we get to hear all about your maid voyage in your sissy dress and maybe a pic as well? Perhaps you could give us a photo tour of your sissy baby closet in the mean time.

    have fun


  3. You should also check out


  4. That is totally cute! And thank you for the link :)
    sara e