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Friday, October 23, 2015

Missing Mistress

Mistress has been gone much of this week and i can't wait for Her return.

Submissive sissies get quite bored when they're Mistress' aren't around.  We need direction, we need to be controlled, told what to do, etc.  We're kind of high maintenance when you think about it.

i told Mistress that last night and She agreed.  "I like you that way."  That's what She said.

i pick Her up at the airport tomorrow.  i can't wait.

Maybe i'll get to enjoy another diaper orgasm this weekend!


  1. Hopefully you'll get a few more loads (of cleaning!) done, hee... and if you're good, maybe you'll get that diaper orgasm! sara

  2. I too know the pain of a MIstress far away