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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Filling In for The Boyfriend

Has any other sissy cuckold had to do this?

It might look sexy but it's difficult to fill in for The Boyfriend this way.  But Mistress insisted upon it so i obeyed.  i had to do it gently and most of the time i did it, Mistress was giggling and making fun of me for having to make love to Her with a strap-on.

No surprise that it didn't "work."  She eventually had me stop and told me to worship Her.  i've had to do this before, and it's the same non-result every time.

So my question is has anyone else had to do this?  And if you did, were you able to make your wife cum from it?


  1. I have never done it but I would love the experience of doing it. I would love to be locked up, shaved and told to use the strap on her. HayleySometimes

  2. i haven't, but never fail to be amazed, humbled and excited when i see these pictures... soo humiliating! :) sara e

  3. This is the only way we have penetrative sex. I stay caged all the time, and we have awesome sex. I just put it on when we go to bed. We've been doing it this way for several years now. The real thing just doesn't do it for her. Well at least mine doesn't. In the beginning it was humiliating,but now it's routine.
    I think the key thing is that you have to have a high quality dildo. We use a Vixskin Outlaw. 8 1/2" of pure bliss for her. And if she's happy, I'm happy.

  4. The humiliation factor goes up as my wife has me strap one on while dressed and caged. Many times I am still unable to make her orgasm and she let's me know able it. The worst part is when I have to perform this in front of our master. He is intimidating and calls me names while shaking his head and laughing.