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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Emasculated Again

Last week i wrote about emasculation, with a reference to the recent vacation we took as well as a reference to another blog.  The boyfriend spent part of the vacation with us and on several occasions i felt very emasculated.  

The boyfriend was over on Tuesday night and i had to answer the door wearing nothing but my "sissy socks";  white anklet socks made of lace, ruffles and little ribbons.  i wasn't even in chastity.  my smooth body was on full display for The Boyfriend to see and make fun of.

The Boyfriend wasted little time in doing just that, asking me how His "sissy cocksucker" was doing.  The Boyfriend interrupted my answer to tell me to go get my collar and leash.  i turned and started to walk toward the bedroom to get it when i felt a hard barehanded slap on my ass "Run bitch" The Boyfriend said.  i hurried both ways and returned with the collar and leash.

Mistress laughed at my treatment and lovingly put the collar on me then attached the leash.  As i knelt, She handed it to The Boyfriend.  From there, i crawled to the bedroom where i knelt in front of The Boyfriend and ended up sucking His cock.  

"You really should have been a girl" He said to me as i sucked.  "You were meant to suck cock and you love it so much."

"Her clitty is hard" Mistress chimed in.  

The Boyfriend looked down and laughed.  "Play with it and cum on my feet" He ordered.

i momentarily stopped sucking to look down to see His feed which upset Him.  i got a hard slap on the face for that.  i went back to sucking, played with myself and came on His feet and the floor a few minutes later.

"Clean up and get your sissy ass out of the room" He said.  "We want to be alone."

i licked everything up.  The cum on His feet as well as the cum on the floor.  Mistress took my leash off but kept the collar on me.  i left the room and remained naked for the rest of the evening. 

The boyfriend left around 9:30.  

Mistress and i talked for a long time.  She enjoyed my posts on the subject of emasculation and wanted me to write another one.  "You do know we both enjoy emasculating you right?" She said and i told Her i knew that.  

The more they do it, it seems like the more i want it.


  1. Not surprising that they more they do it, the more you want it. That is a sign you are being well trained.


  2. Spunds like you are addicted. Not sure you deserved a slap though

  3. A perfect evening. That Boyfriend certainly knows how to treat a lowly sissy.

  4. They may as well cut our balls off and put them on the mantel.