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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sissy Socks

Mistress has always loved me in little anklet socks.  Pink ones, yellow ones, blue ones and white ones.  Some are ruffles and some are lace. 

Now The Boyfriend likes me in them too.  i've worn all kinds of feminine things but for some reason, prancing around with little sissy anklet socks is very embarrassing. 

The Boyfriend wants me in them, and He's coming tonight.

Guess what i'm wearing now?


  1. anklet socks and diapers a cute matching bra to the anklets would be perfect.


  2. I love them innocent and at the same time so devastatingly sexy!!!! And a sure humiliation in front of her lover!!!!

  3. You might also try knee socks with bright rainbow strips. Might look good combined with a belly shirt and an oversized lollipop.

  4. if those are your legs you looks so cute and sissy with the blue anklets on! You also look so very smooth. :p You just need a matching bra and oversized loose top. HayleySometimes

  5. These are lovely! i need some! :) sara e

  6. Gosh, the shame of wearing these in the company of mistress and her lover must be quite electric!!

    Makes one wonder if you have been fucked in them.