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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Emasculating a Submissive

We just returned yesterday from a two week vacation, one where The Boyfriend joined us for several days.  It was the first time that we did this.  It's a sign of Mistress' attachment to The Boyfriend and how Her feelings for Him are pretty strong.

A D/s relationship that includes cuckolding can take on many forms.  One is where the wife is a "hot wife", taking on various lovers to cuckold her submissive.  Others are more monogamous in nature.  The wife has one lover only (for regular M-F sex) while still cuckolding her spouse.  That's what we're in.  Mistress doesn't have any interest other than in The Boyfriend and in me.  and i know my place.

While with us for five days and four nights during our stay on Grand Cayman, The Boyfriend exerted his Alpha Male status.   i was their submissive the entire time He was there.  i fetched them drinks while they lounged by the pool or the beach.  i drove them around the island.  i walked two paces behind them (wearing my collar) wherever we went. 

And the sex was the same.  i was an afterthought until they wanted me for their amusement.  The morning The Boyfriend Left, they gave me a spanking that left my bottom sore for a few days.  They took turns using his belt on my bottom.  It was sort of like "I'll be gone but not forgotten."    On this vacation, i was essentially emasculated by the two of them.

This morning i read a post by Diane over at Married Sissy where she talks about her sex life with her own sissy and goes into details about the sissy's premature ejaculation and other sexual shortcomings. 

i liked the post because it stirred my submissive juices but i also enjoyed if for its frankness.  Diane was very comfortable talking about her submissive and a very intimate subject.  i don't say this in a bad way at all, but within the context of a loving and strong D/s relationship, but Diane post emasculated her submissive in front of all their readers.

It was a wonderful vacation but we're glad to be back.  Mistress is happy to see The Boyfriend again.  And i'm still emasculated.


  1. Wow, trying to picture the trip you three had, and how it would go down here. Pretty exciting to ponder. Welcome home! sara e

  2. Love your posts. I've had a taste of your type of relationship and can relate to the intense mix of feelings. Thank you for sharing - it's very hot!

  3. From a Dom's perspective, I am impressed the way they emasculate you and keep you in your place.


  4. How do you go about getting an invite to read "A married sissy" blog?