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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Using My Face

When relationships first blossom, there's always some reluctance to share your innermost fantasies and desires with someone for fear of a smack down.  Such it was with me and Mistress C.  Much more so me than Her.  i failed to react properly to Her subtly suggestive words.  It took me awhile, even though my deepest desire was to be Her submissive sissy.

When i finally broke down and admitted many things to Her, She would just smile and say "I understand my baby."  Yes, She truly understood.  More than i ever thought.

i remember when i admitted that i would love to have Her sit on my face.  Even writing it now seems so crass and not-too-submissive on my part.

She responded with so much understanding and acceptance, telling me She would love to make me happy that way.  "I'll be a very good facesitter for you" She said in Her sultry voice.  "It might make both of us happy."

The first time She sat on my face didn't happen the way i expected it too.  She did it Her way.

i learned that She does everything Her way.