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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sissy Maid Service

With plenty of housework to get done Mistress C wants to make sure Her sissy maid (me) doesn't lollygag around.

"The fewer interruptions the better.  I want the house in perfect shape by the time He gets here tonight" were Her instructions this morning.

"He" is The Boyfriend.  

"He" is here for drinks, sex, dinner and more sex.

"He" may spend the night.

So before She left this morning and after i was changed into my maids uniform, Mistress C told me to get my diaper and things.

"No need to take potty breaks today" She said as She pulled the plastic panties up to cover my baby diaper.

i just finished all the housework with plenty of time to spare.

Yes i'm wet.  But Mistress will be happy.

That is what is most important.


  1. I am sure for you sissy baby maid must be the best of both worlds now let us know if she changed you in front of him and put you back into another diaper for the rest of the night.


  2. What a dreamy post! I love being a baby and all that comes with it, but I would also love to be a sissy maid in a diaper!

    baby karen

  3. Nice technique to keep you on schedule.


  4. Ha ha!! "No need to take potty breaks"... perfect! sara e