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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sissy Dream Come True

Many sissies had dreams and fantasies when they were young about being a french maid right?

i am one of those lucky one's who's been able to achieve this dream.

i just never thought it would in front of my Mistress' Boyfriend.


  1. I resigned to the fact that I had to submit to my mistress/wife's demands, who I caused embrassment to, as a means of her getting even with me. I thought it was only between the two of us. Wearing a bra and panties to start out and then eventually being made to wear chastity, was thought to be a playtime thing. Eventually one day she shared our dress up with her best friend and her sister, to my surpise and embarassment. Eventually made to wear pantyhose and a dress and exposed to some of her coworkers seemed to be the norm for our mistress/sissy relationship. As the years slipped away the final exposure was in front of her lover and his friends. A sissy's life is to submit to her mistress and the enjoyment of others. I think I have achieved this in my sissy life. Sissy Mishel

  2. Hope you enjoy dressing in front of the boyfriend. Keep in mind that he most likely enjoys it also.