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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Proper Maid Service

"Look how pretty she looks" Mistress said to Her Boyfriend as i minced around in my maids uniform and served them dinner.

As expected, The Boyfriend was over for dinner this weekend and i spent the better part of Sunday in preparation for His arrival.  There were provisions to pick up and making sure the house was clean to Mistress' specs.  And i had to get prettied up just prior to His arrival.

Dinner had to wait until they had sex.  Everything without me.  No participation whatsoever.  i stayed downstairs the whole time.

i made the lobster tails and steaks on the grill outside.  Our home is mostly private, with woods surrounding the back yard.  Though our nearest neighbors could probably make out someone in a pink maids uniform moving about on our deck and patio at times.  And that's where dinner was served.

"Notice her posture?" Mistress asked The Boyfriend.

He glanced over, took a sip of wine and sat back looking at me as i stood off to the side of the table on the patio.  "Yes, it's quite nice.  Good to see she took your advice to stop slouching" He said.

"It wasn't easy.  It took practice didn't it sissy pet?" She asked looking at me.

"Yes Mistress, it did" i answered while holding my very best posture.

"Tell us what you did to practice" Mistress said.

With no outer appearance of shame or humiliation i went on to explain...

"i've been practicing for an hour each day.  A half hour during the day and a half hour in front of Mistress each evening.  i balance a hardcover book on my head" i told The Boyfriend.

"What kind of book?" He asked me.  "The title?"

"There are two.  The smaller is Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and the larger is National Geographic book featuring 100 years of adventure and discovery" i told Him.

"Interesting.  Go get them" He said.

i obeyed and returned and showed Him the two books.  Mistress was enjoying this whole exercise and smiling broadly, almost ready to giggle.

"Show me with the larger of the two" He said.  i balanced the National Geographic book on my head and just stood there.  Mistress finally did giggle and so did The boyfriend.

i stayed that way until they finished dinner and i was told i could clear the table.  i put the book down and asked if they wanted dessert.

They loved the strawberry shortcake.


  1. You're a better cuckold than I am!


  2. What a humiliating day for you... :) Luv the idea of neighbors just seeing a blur of pink out there by the grill...
    Having to work and wait for Them to come down after sex... then show your 'posture training'... priceless! sara e