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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Posture Training

"You're posture needs to improve.  All the time but even more so when you're serving" Mistress C told me.

It was a reference to the last time i was in full maid regalia and serving dinner to Mistress C and The Boyfriend.  i used to leave the dining room and stay in the kitchen when i wasn't actively serving, waiting until i was summoned.

She doesn't want it done that way anymore.  i am to stand in  the corner of the dining room with my hands neatly folded behind my back while wearing one of my maids uniforms.

The last time i did so Mistress had to tell me to stand straight.  "No slouching" was all She said.  i thought that was the end of it until last night when the comments about my posture came up.

"I think you should practice everyday until it improves" She told me.  When She says She "thinks" i know it is more than a thought.  i consider it as an order.

Mistress had me fetch a large hardcover book from one of the bookcases in the den and told me to stand by Her side and balance it on my head.  i tried to do so as She watched the news.  i wasn't very good at it but after about a half hour i was much better.  The book was able to stay on longer.

"Half hour each night and a half hour during the day when I'm not around" She said.  "I'll be able to tell every night if you've been practicing, so don't disappoint me."

i won't.  There would be hell to pay if i did.  

i could only surmise that The Boyfriend will be coming for dinner soon.


  1. Love it. Posture is important when in a position of servitude.

    sissy terri

  2. i've been needing to improve mine, too. i thought bra-wearing would automatically help, but not really. Thanks for the inspiration...! sara e