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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Maids and Housework

"Thank You for making me do all the housework today" i told Mistress C yesterday.

She was getting ready to leave to go to The Boyfriend's house so She was a bit busy.  She didn't say anything right away.

Finally She acknowledged me and said "You're welcome.  I know you like being a sissy maid and I like to be nice to you."

"I may or may not sleep over.  Depends how I feel" She said as She threw a few things into a small overnight bag.

Before She left She gave me a lovely kiss before i knelt before Her and kissed Her feet.

"Wash the tile floor in in the small foyer off the kitchen.  I think you missed a spot" She told me as i licked her foot.

While washing the floor, i was hoping She would sleep here tonight.  She didn't.  She came home around 11 this morning but in a very good mood.

"I'm all yours tonight" She told me.  It sounded strange because i'm really all Hers.  i belong to Her.

i had to wash the floor again.  The spot which She had seen was still there.  i tried but couldn't get it off.  It was so tine and almost invisible.  i told Mistress i just couldn't get it off.

She came over to look at it, shrugged Her shoulders and said "Oh well.  You really can't see it anyway."