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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Having Her Way

The majority of the time i'm the one who fetches the strap-on for Mistress to use on me.

Whether it be a simple nod after a brief conversation, or a very direct instruction to go get it, i obey and either bring it back to Her or set it out wherever She wants it.

i know what's coming and both of us enjoy it very much.  Mistress looks even more beautiful when She has Her cock strapped around Her waist snuggly.

i also love to strap it on for Her.  i think most submissives, be they spouses, boyfriends or in another form of a relationship with the Domme, enjoy that task.  Which ever way they're fastened, letting the submissive do it adds to scene that is soon to follow.

One thing that i find even sexier than what i described is when Mistress Herself goes to get the strap-on.  For some reason, it looks and actually is much more Dominant.  It carries with it this "Forget it.  Let me do this myself" type of attitude that i know i'm going to pay for later.  As if She's annoyed with me and not willing to get the strap-on put on and start using me with it.

That happened last night.  i was outside and when i came back in She asked me to pour Her a cold drink.  While i was outside, She must have gone upstairs to get Her strap-on and harness and had it next to Her behind some throw pillows on the couch.

When She finished Her drink She suddenly got up and said "Let's go" as She headed to the stairs with Her strap-on.

i followed.

She made love to me like i was a little girl.  

i felt like one too.