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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Drinking From My Mistress

i don't write about this nearly as often as it happens.  Partly because for a long time i didn't want to offend someone and partly out of embarrassment.  i often drink from Mistress' most private parts.  This is not really about golden showers, though i've received those quite often.  This is about consuming Her most intimate of juices.

The first time i tasted it was by accident, the result of an amazingly powerful orgasm She had that "accidentally" released some urine.  Nothing was said but i believe Mistress knew that i did my best to consume it all and that i really enjoyed it.

It wasn't long after that that during one of our intimate discussions She came right out and said "I'd love to piss all over you."

Her directness didn't surprise me at all.  Neither was i disappointed.  If anything, i tried not to look like i couldn't wait for it to happen!

Before i could answer She asked "Would you enjoy that my little sissy?"

i told Her that i would love it.  i really wanted to tell Her that i wanted even more.  i wanted to drink Her golden nectar, Her piss, Her tasty it what You wish.  

The first time i we did it i was in a large whirlpool tub.  On all fours, She stood over me with Her hands on Her hips and let it flow all over me.  The warm stream found its way all over my back, the back of my neck and She moved forward to spray my hair.  i wanted to taste Her so bad.

"Now lick me" She said when She was done.  i turned around, knelt in front of Her and began to worship between Her legs.  Soaked from Her piss, i now got to taste it.

It was about a week later that we began what has now become my routine consumption of Her body fluids.  It doesn't happen every day, but at least several times a week.  If i'm close by and She has to go to the bathroom, then i am called upon to take my place at Her lovely "V."

It's an honor, a privilege and a duty for me now.