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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dominated, Diapered and Humiliated

Mistress C told me to get out of chastity last night moments after The Boyfriend arrived and She had greeted Him with a big sloppy kiss at our front door. Before i could ask Her if She wanted me to use the spare emergency key which is in a sealed envelope with her signature across the flap She unhooked Her necklace which had the other key on it.

"Here, you unlock him" She said to The Boyfriend.  He seemed surprised but chuckled as He took the key and let me out.  

"Say thank you" She said.  i obeyed and submissively said "Thank You Sir."  i knew that my release from chastity meant something else was going to happen and it did almost immediately.

"Go get your baby diaper and things and meet us in the den" Mistress C said, "and come back naked."  As i walked away, i heard Her tell The Boyfriend "Watch, this always gets her hard."   i had already sprung to life and hearing Her made it happen faster.

i returned naked, holding the diaper and "things" She had asked for.  They included a baby blanket, diaper pins since i had a thick cloth diaper, pink plastic panties, a pacifier and some baby powder.  

"You know what to do" She said.  i did.  She'd done this before.  i lay the blanket on the den floor, set the diaper, pins, panties, powder and pacifier down and sat down on the blanket.

"Time for your diapering" She said with a big smile and looking at The Boyfriend.  "Now lay back and be a good sissy baby."

Mistress C put the pacifier in my mouth before doing anything else.  "No more baby babble now.  You be quiet."  

The powder went on first and i got harder.  "See what i mean" She said to The Boyfriend....she loves this!"  The diaper slid under my bottom and eventually Mistress had me pinned in very snugly.  Then it was the pretty pink plastic panties.

"There!  All nice and babied up aren't we?" She asked.  i nodded my head but was ashamed.  

"Baby loves this doesn't she?" Mistress asked as She began to rub the front of my puffy diaper.  It was extra puffy because of my erection.  She was rubbing it just right as She knelt between my legs and leaned over me as She teased me.  

Mistress knew i was ready to cum and urged me on.   "Go ahead.  Enjoy being a nice sissy baby in front of my him how a good sissy messes in her diaper."  

Part of me was so ashamed i didn't want to cum.  But the most uncontrollable part of me wanted to make a big mess in my diaper.   It didn't take long to happen.

i was a very pathetic figure in front of the boyfriend, humping up and down on the floor as Mistress rubbed me through the diaper as i came into the soft thick cotton.  When it was over, Mistress reached down, pulled me up, hugged me and held me to Her bosom.

i stayed in the diaper all night until The Boyfriend went home.  Following Mistress' instructions, i left it on and wet in it.  i remained a baby for the night but She changed me before bedtime.


  1. Hmmm....a baby cuckold. I always find it interesting that the presence of a bull, boyfriend, lover, etc. excites submissive males so much.


  2. wow, must be such a mind-fuck

  3. I think it would be more humiliating if instead of MistressC diapering you, the boyfriend did all this diapering stuff on you and gave his coco for you to suck as a pacifier

  4. Love hearing about your abdl adventures - hopefully you have more to come.


  5. Omg, this is sooo hot to picture! Him unlocking you, you thanking Him.
    You taking the "walk of shame"... for it only to get MORE humiliating, being diapered and having to hump the floor!! i can picture it... and am tenting my Vanity Fairs, lol! sara e