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Monday, July 20, 2015

Queening Her Sissy Maid

With Mistress gone there has not been much to write about.

But, She returned this weekend and so did Her beautiful Ass.  Her queening chair had arrived earlier in the week, so Her return "fit" just perfectly.

i live as Her full time wife now.  No work for me, other than housework and whatever tasks She assigns me.

Worshiping Her ass is one of those tasks.  When i first admitted to Her that i had a "thing" about paying devotion to Her ass, She was a bit hesitant about it.  Yes, She's dominant, but the thought of a submissive tonguing Her ass was something She wasn't sure about.  

i am very proud to say it only took one session of my tongue deep in Her bottom that She fell in love
with it.

She loves the chair, but also loves to put Her full weight upon my face and smother me with Her tasty bottom.  

As Her sissy maid, i clean the house and i also clean Her ass.

It's a task i enjoy, and so does She.