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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loving Her Curves

i was madly in love with Mistress' curves well before i was in love with Her.  Sad to say but it's true.  But before the curves had smitten me, Her personality, wit and brilliance had already caught my attention. 

Circumstances prevented me, and us, from doing anything about the attraction had for each other but during that time, the lust was building.  i wrote about this before in one of my first posts called What Took me So Long?.  There were countless missed opportunities along the way but in the end it was worth it.

Now i'm Her sissy pet.  i belong to Her.  The lifestyle is what we want.

i still worship Her curves.  They're beautiful.  They're sexy. 

i serve Her in the most intimate of ways.  She knows i will do anything for Her.

i will serve Her in any way She asks.

She doesn't even have to ask.  She can just use me.

Big and Beautiful


  1. Loving a voluptuous woman is a sweet addiction. Submitting to her just makes it that much better.

  2. My "Mommy" is quite voluptuous and I love to cuddle with her so much!


  3. Always try to get as deep in there as you can.


  4. mmmm I do love a good Namio pic.

  5. I adore my mistress/wife's curvy even before I became her sissy boy. For some reason after submitting to her as a sissy boy adoring her curves became more enhanced, more exciting, and for her more satisifying. Sissy Mishel