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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Humiliating Sissy Maid Service

Miss C's boyfriend came over last night. 

"Dress for the occasion" She told me.  That meant the maids uniform. 

i had to clean the bathrooms before he arrived but he got there early and saw me cleaning the one we have off the hall. 

He stopped to watch me.  i said hello then continued to clean the toilet.  They both continued to watch until he came in, undid his pants, took out his cock, pushed me aside gently and said "Good time for me to take a piss."

i stood aside and watched a powerful stream of piss come out of his man-sized cock.  The noise it made was earth shattering compared to the dribbles that come out of my own cock because of the chastity i'm in.

Miss C watched with a smile on Her face.

"Oops" he said.  "Missed the target a bit" as his stream of piss hit the top edge of the bowl.

When he finished he faced me, cock in hand and told me to lick his moist cock head.  i knelt and licked it clean, tasting the last drop of his piss that remained on his slit.

He stuffed the cock back in his pants and walked away.

i was left to clean his piss off the rim of the bowl and some on the floor of the bathroom.

When i was done, he and Miss C were already in our bedroom by themselves.