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Friday, April 3, 2015

The Boyfriend & The Cuckold

Ms. Catherine's boyfriend came over the other day while i was all prettied up in my petticoat, panties, stockings, garter and other girly things.   Ms. C had me prancing around for Her and doing sissy things like curtseys and twirling around before the boyfriend came.  She was putting me through my paces, even though i had no idea the boyfriend was coming. 

When She told me i almost died and wanted to change right away before he got there. 

"No way.  You're staying this way" She laughed.  

When i continued to protest She went into our bedroom and came back with one of my pacifiers and shoved it in my mouth.

"No lay down on the floor and calm down" She said.  i obeyed, and ten minutes later the boyfriend showed up.

There i was sucking on my pacifier with my panties exposed and my petticoat and garters showing in front of him.

"You relax here while we have some fun" Ms. C said and off they went into the bedroom.  "Be a good baby" She said before closing the door.

It was nearly two hours before the boyfriend left, nearly ignoring me totally as he walked out.  Other than a glance in my direction and some laughter, he didn't pay much attention to me.  

Ms. C told me not to worry.  "He was in a hurry.  He thinks you're cute.  You won't be ignored for long."

i was brought into the bedroom where i tended to Ms. C's well fucked pussy.