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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Public Submission

Yesterday while out for a run with Mistress in a local park, She decided to stop by one of the park benches for a moment.  It wasn't because She was tired, or had a cramp or had to tie Her shoe.  She simply wanted me to kneel and kiss Her beautiful ass.

i was a bit startled because She's only done such things when we were alone in the woods somewhere on a hike or in the privacy of our backyard.  i looked around quickly and could only see a few people in the distance, probably too far to notice anything.

So i dropped to my knees behind Her and just as i was about to kiss Her beautiful ass She said "Bury it!"  It's an order She uses when She wants me to bury my nose, mouth, lips or tongue as deep as i can into Her luscious crack.

She had Her beautiful yoga pants on, so i couldn't go that deep, but i pushed my face between Her cheeks as far as i could and kissed.  i stayed there until She pulled away.  i'm never allowed to stop unless i'm instructed, or unless She pulls away.  She then started jogging again and i followed, noticing someone on the path who was now a bit closer.  i wondered if the woman jogging saw anything?

The incident made me wonder if Mistress would every go further in Her public dominance of me.  i think i've left Her no doubt that i would obey.


  1. Oh my.... so hot picturing this! sara e

  2. Very hot. Be proud of kissing her ass.


  3. Any blog that brings more Namio into my life is getting followed straight away xxx