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Monday, March 30, 2015

Petticoat Punishment

It's referred to using several different terms.  Petticoat Punishment, Pinaforing, Forced Feminization are among the terms used.  Here's what it means:

Petticoating, also called pinaforing, is a type of forced feminization that involves dressing a man or boy in girls' clothing. While the practice has come to be a rare, socially unacceptable form of humiliating punishment, it has risen up as both a subgenre of erotic literature or other expression of sexual fantasy.

Wikepedia continues.....

There is some evidence that "petticoat punishment" has occasionally been used as a form of discipline, with credible stories of such going back at least to Victorian times.[1] "Petticoat punishment," as a sexual fetish interest, involves imagining or reenacting this scenario. However, as a fetish interest, these activities are usually heavily exaggerated and sexualized, including elaborate humiliation and public nudity.[2] They often involve the male being feminized into a sissy by a powerful female presence (often a mother or aunt) in front of his cousins, sisters, or in some cases, girls of his own age whom he had offended by his boorish behavior.
Mistress put me in a lacy petticoat yesterday, with a garter, white stockings and white panties.  i loved it and i would never call it "punishment."  i pranced around like Her little sissy and did whatever She told me.

i didn't know Her boyfriend would be coming over.

This was humiliating.