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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Sissy Baby Night

It's a sissy baby night for me tonight.

It's a date night for Mistress.  She's unsure where She and Her lover are going to go, if they go anywhere.

She's often threatened me that someday, She will get a babysitter for me while She's on a date.  It's
yet to happen.

"I wouldn't trust just anyone with you" She's told me.  "They would have to be the perfect babysitter.  A special babysitter."

Mistress is a patient Dominant.

For tonight She may just leave me alone and dressed up like a little sissy baby.

Maybe She'll put me to bed before they leave, or when Her lover arrives.

Being dressed in such a way and put into my big crib causes me untold embarrassment.

It arouses Mistress and makes Her lovemaking better She says.


  1. I think what makes this post so sexy is that Mistress gets aroused by the fact you are humiliated this way!


  2. Let us know if she put you in the crib. Since it arouses her and makes her lovemaking better, it won't be a surprise if you are put in the crib. And it will be interesting to see if she eventually gets you a baby sitter. What are your thoughts about her getting you a baby sitter? Are you ready for that?


  3. You should be heavily diapered, gagged and tied down from all four corners.

    Goddess Gretchen