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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Her Sissy Baby Cuckold

Mistress hosted Master last night.  It was a night of servitude and sexual exclusion for me.  i was excluded because Master wanted Mistress all to Himself.  

When they finally decided to leave the living room and go to the Master Bedroom, Mistress snapped her fingers and told me to get my baby things.

Embarrassed by the command, i nonetheless obeyed, not willing to face the alternative.  

i returned with baby diapers, pink ruffled diaper cover, baby powder and pacifier in hand. 

Mistress proceeded to diaper me in front of Master while He watched.  

When my diapering was over, i said goodnight to Master and Mistress led me into the baby bedroom.

She kissed me good night, told me She loved me and tucked me in. 


  1. Ouch! Very humiliating.


  2. First he made me piss myself, then he fucked my slutty wife.