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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dinner Party

sissy's training has gone very well over the past couple of months, and I had an opportunity to show off her talents this weekend. I had given her a couple days notice so that everything would be prepared for friends that would be coming over. she had never been responsible for service at a dinner party before.
she was extremely nervous, and a little giddy, as she wanted to perform well for Me.
I instructed her to wear her new maid's uniform with the ruffled panties, and of course the white lace trimmed pinafore. she looked so nervous when she came to me for inspection. I had her turn around and I was quite pleased.
At 7 o'clock the guests began to arrive, sissy met them at the door in her freshly starched uniform. she had a silver tray of drinks prepared, and did so very well. When she left for the kitchen to bring out some apps, the Girls wanted to take a closer look at sissy, much to My chagrin, I was so pleased that they were attentive.
When sissy returned, I nodded to her to come to my side, which she promptly did. I told her that the Girls wanted to look her over, she looked stunned, surprised, nervous, it was apparent that she did not know what to expect.
she looked at me, and I led her to the center of the living room where all of the Guests could see her.
Greta asked sissy to show Her her ruffled panties, sissy coyly lifted her skirt to reveal her ruffled panties, Greta said, "Come over here",  sissy walked hesitantly over to Greta. Greta spun her around and told sissy to bend over so She could get a better look. I could see that sissy was blushing....
I went over to sissy and Greta, and patted sissy on her ruffled panties. I said, "I enjoy these so much". I rubbed her ruffles, which made sissy blush even more.
Across the room, Elaine called sissy over to Her, and said She wanted to lift her apron. sissy reluctantly walked over, and Elaine lifted the apron, and said, "I really like the skirt you're wearing sissy, it's very feminine." I thought sissy's knees were going to buckle, I could tell she was so embarassed, excited, (well, her excitement was showing in a large way....)
I returned to my seat, and told sissy to come to me. she seemed relieved, but I had other plans for her.
I told sissy to return to my side, and when she walked toward Me, I gave her the hand signal to assume the spanking position.......
the look on her face was priceless....
she dutifully lay across my lap.....she was obviously humiliated, about to be spanked in front of Mistress' guests, I could see it in her eyes.....
I started by giving her little love pats on her ruffled panties, I could feel that sissy was incredibly aroused, anxious, and yet willing. I gave her a smart slap on her ruffles, and I heard her gasp.....
I asked Greta and Elaine if they would like to help. They jumped up from their seats, and they stood on either side of sissy.
Elaine and Greta released the garters sissy was wearing with much drama, sissy was trembling. I know that she was trying to anticipate what would happen next....
Elaine and Greta each slipped their fingers into the sides of the ruffled panties, and slowly lowered sissy's panties to her ankles, revealing a flushed sissy ass.
I gave sissy a firm slap across her sissy ass, sissy jumped a bit, and I could see she was biting her lip.
I circled her sissy ass with my hand, and proceeded to inflict several more firm slaps, her sissy ass became warm and reddened.
Greta and Elaine each had their turn, I allowed 3 slaps by each of them. By this time, sissy was writhing and wincing with every slap......
It was now time for the first course....


  1. Everyone helped warm sissy up for the first course...and what was served?

  2. omg...I'd be blushing like a bride!!
    Hug, Sara

  3. Pretty hot stuff. There's very little that's more erotic than being put on display in front of your Mistress' friends. Lucky sissy.


  4. That was soooo yummie! I found my breathing increasing and my skin flushing (not to mention a little stirring in my own panties) as I read that! I think I was imagining myself in your sissy's place...very nice!


    sissy jamieanne

  5. lovely.....all us sissy faggots dream about such delightfully shaming experiences...