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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dinner Party - my sissy Preparations

"The Dinner Party" had been a long time in planning.  Mistress had made it clear She wanted to show me off in front of The Girls (Her two best friends), but didn't want to do so until She felt  i was "ready."  my readiness had nothing to do with my own feelings of angst, embarrassment or humiliation.  Rather, they had everything to do with whether or not i was properly trained to make Her proud.

There were countless hours of preparation involved.  i would prepare elegant table settings for Mistress to review and approve, and repeat the process over and over until everything was just so.  There were practice sessions with the serving tray, ensuring that no drinks were spilled and the service was performed not only with elegance, but with the deference an inferior sissy male should exhibit in the presence of the Mistress and Her friends.

My appearance was another major factor that took time.  Mistress wanted me to appear as feminine and sissified as possible.  i spent countless hours in front of the mirror, often with Mistress' assistance, applying just the right amount of makeup that would enhance my appearance. my wig had to be just so and my nails had to be done properly.  All of this was rehearsed many times so that by the time the big night came, Mistress was confident there would be no errors.

Like everything else, my outfit was selected by Mistress.  The first piece and most important item had been selected months before.  In many ways, it served as the cornerstone of my ensemble.  It was a simple yet elegant underbust corset that i had been fitted for while we were vacationing in San Francisco.  The corset fit perfectly, and gave me the hourglass figure Mistress enjoyed so much.   i had been dieting during the weeks leading up to the corset fitting until i reached the target weight Mistress had set for me.  Since then, i have had to maintain this ideal weight to ensure i could fit into my corset.  This exercise, all part of making sure i look pretty and sexy for my Mistress, only reinforces my submission to Her.

My maids uniform was pink satin with a white pinafore.  Of course there were the obligatory ruffled panties, petticoats, thigh high stockings and heels.  Everything only seemed to be enhanced by the corset though.  The pinafore/apron was tied around my waist with a big feminine bow in the back, emphasizing my tightly corseted waist.  The heels were 4 1/2" but i had no trouble walking in them.  Like everything else, it was something i had practiced for hours.  

All the practice and encouragement from Mistress helped to reduce the angst and also prepared me to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation i would experience in front of The Girls.  No matter what happened, i knew that whatever i did, i would do it well.  i also knew that i would very much look the part of a very pretty sissy maid.  With just a little more than an hour before The Girls were scheduled to arrive, i was prepared as i could be, confident that i would make Mistress proud.

However, there was one more thing that i wasn't prepared for.  Minutes before The Girls were scheduled to arrive and while i was putting the flowers on the dining room table, Mistress came into the room holding my chastity belt.

"I think we forgot something sissy" She said.  "This should have gone on after your bubble bath."

i was surprised and hesitated before i said "Oh, i assumed i wouldn't be wearing it tonight."

"Well" She said, "you assumed incorrectly.  I don't want to take any chances that you might get overly excited in front of Greta and Elaine and mess yourself."

"Yes Mistress" i said.  i lowered my panties and Mistress proceeded to put the device on.  "See, your little clitty is getting hard already" She laughed as the lock was snapped on.  

i pulled my ruffled panties back up and went to the bathroom to make sure i looked presentable.  When i came out Mistress told me i looked "gorgeous."  Moments later, the doorbell rang. 


  1. I enjoyed reading of your preparations to serve at the dinner party! It seems many hours of prep went into assuring you'd make your Mistress proud...and rightfully so!

    As I read your tale, it kind of reminded me of stories about young women having their "coming out" which they were finally introduced to the social world...

    Thanks for sharing that!

  2. I think the sissy maid should have been in a diaper and plastic panties, then there would be no chance of any mess.