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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dinner Party continues...

It was now time for sissy to show off her serving skills, she gingerly raised herself from my lap, and was assisted by the Girls replacing her ruffled panties. The Girls snickered and giggled as they raised sissy's panties up and over her reddened bottom.
sissy clasped her hands in front of her pinafore, and awaited instruction. I rose and gave her a love pat on her ruffled ass, and gave her a little kiss on her neck. I could see she was blushing profusely. she could not hide that she was totally embarassed at having to bare herself to My Girls.
I told the guests that we would be right back. as sissy proceeded toward the kitchen, I hastily grabbed her around the waist, and pressed myself against her, whispering to her that I was so proud of her, and that there would be a treat for her later in the evening.
sissy was gushing....all she could say was "i wanted so very much to make You proud Mistress."

1 comment:

  1. Oh my!! :) I must put my ruffled panties on today, now...!
    How embarrassing, and fun!
    Hug, Sara