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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Her sissy cuckold

It started out as a fantasy.  my fantasy really.  Mistress played along, teasing me about Her need to be fucked by a "real man", calling me Her "sissy cuckold" and telling me how i would be made to clean Her "well fucked pussy."  These things and more, turned me on to no end.  They got Mistress aroused as well.  More than i ever thought.

The fantasy was followed by the posting of an ad on the BDSM website  It was one of the few times Mistress gave in to my pleas.  Yes, it was my idea and She had me write the ad, gave it Her blessing and we ran it.   That was four years ago i believe.  We both had access to the account and after plenty of initial interest, it died down to nothing.  All in all, mostly people who didn't interest Her in the least.  Every so often there was a message and She would tell me to check it out.  That was about the extent of it.  Until recently.

That was when we got a message from "M."  He's now Mistress' Lover, Her Alpha Male, Her Stud and in some ways, my Master.  i met M for the first time this past Friday night.  Mistress had met Him several times before, but Friday night was my introduction to M.  It came as a shock and a surprise to me.

The early afternoon text telling me to be waiting for Mistress in my sissy maids uniform was followed by a phone call with more specific instructions.  i was to be kneeling, handcuffed and blindfolded.  i followed the instructions to a tee.  The blindfold went on first.  It was tight and served its purpose very well.  i could see nothing.  The handcuffs were surprisingly easy to get on, even with the blindfold on.  They were snapped in place.  i knelt and waited.  

The wait seemed longer that what it probably was.  i was there probably ten minutes before She arrived.  i thought about how Mistress would use me during the evening.  i looked forward to pleasing Her.   Friday nights were always "our" night.  The end of a work week where She could avail Herself of my submissiveness to relieve the stresses of the previous five days.

i got a little nervous when i thought i heard voices shortly before the door opened.  My nervousness turned to an almost inexplicable feeling (fear, fright, horror and utter humiliation all rolled into one) when i heard Mistress say:  "sissy, there's someone I'd like you to meet.  This is M, but you will call Him Master."