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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Her Sissy Maid

As Mistress Catherine's submissive, there are many rituals that i must follow.  Each of these stands alone in how they represent my total submission to Her, and serves as a very symbolic expression of life together.

Every day that i am at home before Mistress arrives from work, i'm required to change into one of my sissy maid uniforms and greet Her in the hallway when She walks in from the garage.   Some days, She calls ahead of time to let me know when She'll be arriving.  But most times, i'm just expected to be there on my knees, collared, leash in hand in my uniform and with my head bowed.

Sometimes, a phone call or a text may come with additional instructions.  Perhaps, She wants a specific uniform, pair of panties or another outfit.  She may also want to see me completely naked, or with one of Her many toys or instruments of discipline ready for Her to use.  

She's teased me often that perhaps some day, She will walk through the door with a friend.  "It would be so much fun to show you off" She tells me.  She's mentioned a couple of Her girlfriends who She thinks would enjoy seeing Her sissy maid.  Or perhaps, it might even be that ever-elusive male friend:  The Lover She would love to cuckold me with.

i always look forward to Her entry.  It is usually the highlight of my day.  To see Her, hear Her, feel Her and smell Her is always an honor for me.  Often, She offers me Her beautiful ass to kiss.  i love greeting Her that way.  

The leash is there for Her to use if She so pleases.  She may attach it to my sissy collar.  The collar is another constant reminder of my status as well as my love and devotion to Her.  i am sometimes made to kiss the handle of the leash before She snaps it into place.

The leash isn't always attached to my collar.  Mistress Catherine has found other creative ways to use it.  Regardless of where it's attached, She knows i will follow Her like the obedient sissy pet i am.