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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Her sissy baby

"Diaper time" She said.  The words came out quickly, assertively and put an end to the little argument we were having.  It also put an end to my childish behavior.  It was too late.  The two words meant that i had to go upstairs and get "the supplies" needed for my regression to becoming Her sissy baby.

About ten minutes later, i made my way to one of our guest bedrooms with a puffy white adult sized baby diaper, plastic panties, diaper pins, baby powder and a cute little baby blanket.  Mistress Catherine was waiting for me with a few other items in hand.

"Someday you'll learn" She said, as i lay the items onto the bed.  i stripped down to my panties, looking at Her one last time pleading with my eyes for some sort of reprieve.  There was none.  "Off with the big girl panties" She told me.  i slid them off and stood there naked before getting on the bed for the diapering.

It didn't take long before i was overcome by Her demeanor; assertive and dominant.  i loved the look in Her eyes as She told me to lift my legs and slid the diaper under my bottom.  i started to become erect. 

"See, I know you like this.  Don't insult me and feign that it's punishment for you.  You're such a sissy" She laughed.

When the diaper was pinned on snugly and the plastic panties tightly covering it, the pacifier She had by her side was stuffed into my mouth.  Then it was the bib, embroidered with "Mommy's Little Girl" on it.  Finally, the wrist and ankle cuffs were secured and tethered to one another.  The short straps forced me to stay in the diapering position.

"You look so cute.  Stay like that for awhile and think about how you've behaved" She said and, before walking away added "If you're a good sissy, maybe I'll rub you through your diaper and let you mess in it before we go out shopping."

I wondered if She would make me wear the diaper out shopping. 

She did.  And if someone looked closely, i was sure they could notice it under my white shorts. 


  1. dear sissy pet- Oh my! "Diaper time"!!! What a way to authoritatively put an end to our nonsene, huh!?
    I love the way Ms. C. handled you! I'd become sooo docile...
    Yes, Wife would know I was getting excited, too.
    Would love to hear about your shopping trip :)
    Hug, Sara

  2. She does a good job of controlling you and training you to be a good sissy.


  3. i wished that was me i am a AB i wear my nappies and plastic pants 24-7 and i have some plastic dresses i love to wear i would like to find a mummy how would treat me completly as a baby girl i have been a sissy baby girl for a long time if any body would like to send me a message my email address is ok i would like to meet other ABDL ok as freinds thank you by now from baby katherine in sydney australia.

  4. You should have had to go shopping in diapers only and on a leash!

    Goddess Gretchen

    1. Goddess Gretchen, sounds great

      melissa (SissyABy)

    2. some mistress are all talk, no action