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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A sissy for Her Use

i belong to Mistress Catherine.  All of me.

O/our relationship took a long time to develop to where She stands and i kneel today.  It's a long story that will probably have to be told in stages, if at all.  Because what's important, is that now, i am:

Her property
Her sissy
Her pet
Her toy
Her slave

i am whatever She wants me to be.

When we first became intimate with each other, we began revealing our fantasies.  D/s finally came up.  There was so much compatibility.  W/we figured out that within each of us was this"90/10" breakdown of Dominant and submissive fantasies.  Mistress Catherine had a need to be Domme 90% of the time and submissive the other 10%.  my own needs were just reversed.

It took little time for Her to figure out that i was truly a 100% full time submissive.  i am so happy She did.

i remember the first time i told Her that i would do "anything" for Her.  i expected Her to be astonished at my devotion and submission.  She wasn't.  "I know you would" was all She said.  She knows me better than anyone.  

This morning when i awoke, i got dressed in my maids uniform and went downstairs to prepare Mistress Catherine her morning tea and start some coffee for myself.  When the tea was brewed, i carried it upstairs on a silver serving platter, the hot tea in a teapot and a matching cup along with the morning paper.

When i got into the master bedroom, Mistress was already up and in the bathroom.  i laid the platter down beside the bed and turned to see Her staring at me while squatted over one of my special "pet bowls" which keeps in a few places around the house.

"Good morning sissy.  I thought I'd prepare something special for you this morning also" She said as she filled the bowl with Her warm and golden Holy Water, the Liquid streaming through Her panties.  "Enjoy" She told me as She rose, slid the panties off and let them fall beside the bowl.

i knelt, knowing that i would be required to lick the remaining few drops on Her Beautiful Pussy.  When She was satisfied that i had cleaned Her thoroughly, She climbed into bed and had me pour Her a cup of tea as She picked up the paper.  

"Thank you sissy" She said as i handed her the steaming cup.  "Now you can enjoy Your own treat.  Make sure you finish it all."

i knelt by the bowl and lapped it all up.

i guess you could say in addition to the things i mentioned before, i am also Her toilet.  


  1. Mmmm... I have wanted my Wife to do the same to me, but she has held off. This sounds so lovely and intimate... sigh ! Mwaaah!

  2. What a lovely and delicious way to be treated to Her nectar...humbling, humiliating, yet beautiful!

  3. You are a very fortunate man! I hope you show appreciation and devotion to Ms Catherine every day.