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Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Anniversary Fuck

In my last post i wrote about my "collaring" on June 9, 2006.  Today is the sixth anniversary of that special day.....

i'm kneeling on the floor, bent over the bed. My hands are clinging uselessly to tangled sheets. Mistress is behind me, Her thick, hard "cock" pressed against my ass. Her body is curved over mine, as if protecting me. One of Her arms holds me to Her chest almost tenderly and Her breath is hot in my ear as She says, "Yes, sissy. Let me in."

i want to. i want Mistress inside me. i'm extremely excited. But: Her cock is well, so...Damn...Wide. Her arm around me tightens as She uses Her other hand to steady Her cock. The head pushes into me with a burning, agonizing pleasure. Immediately, an orgasm begins to surge through me, contracting all my muscles, forcing Her out again.

Mistress' hand moves to my sissy "clitty", rubbing it gently as my spasms slow. "Good girl," She says, Her voice, a firm, dominating drawl. "That's good. Are you ready for me to try again?" My legs are shaking. i arch my back towards Her. With one hand, She holds my hips steady. The other slides and traces a simple, hypnotic pattern, right between my "pussy ass" as She calls it; Her pussy ass.  It belongs to Her.  Back down to my sissy clitty. Her movement is slow and constant, urging nothing, just keeping my whole body awash in pleasure. She begins pushing Her cock into me again.

This time the head slips in easily. She stops there. I'm on the edge of cumming again. "Not yet," She says. "I don't want you to cum until I'm all the way inside you." But as She presses in, slowly, deeply, i can't control myself, my orgasm seems to rise from every part of my body, i'm groaning and every muscle pulsates.

This time, She stays inside me. My spasms go on for a long time. Her hands never leave my hips, holding me firmly as She thrusts back and forth.  I can feel my juices running down my legs.  She continues to fuck me, slowly, just a few inches in and out. i'm moaning with pleasure. i can't believe how stretched and penetrated i feel. And then She says, "I want you to let me in all the way." I freeze for a moment. Her hands continues to soothe and please me. Her lips are touching my ear as Her voice drops lower. "I'm only half way in, sissy. I want you to let me in all the way."

And then I feel Her weight against me, pushing into me. "Relax," She's saying, though I'm too overwhelmed to know how. "Relax, sissy, you can do this." Her teeth are in my shoulder, She's thrusting into me, each time a little deeper. "Does it hurt, sissy?"

It hurts. It's gorgeous. "Yes," I choke out between gasps of air. "It hurts, Mistress"

"Focus on my fingers," She says, "You can do this." I'm sobbing, nearly crying. Her cock grinds in and out. Her voice grounds me. "sissy, you can do this." I'm not sure it's true. My body is burning and melting, molten. "You can do this, sissy." Her hands grab on to my shoulders pulling me firmly onto Her cock and I focus on that bright, sharp feeling that might have been pain if i knew the difference any more.

Then i feel the base of Her cock slapping against my ass. She's fucking me smoothly, very smoothly. finally, the whole length of Her cock stroking in and out of me. Moments ago, i wanted this to end.  Now, i want it to go on forever.  My sobs and cries have been replaced by deep moans of passion. Mistress C is hunched over me, both arms wrapped around me, deep groans coming out of Her own mouth. i feel Her cock jerk and pulse inside me, and my body crests one more improbable wave. i drown in intensity, throbbing and heaving and babbling Her name as if I needed saving.

She stays wrapped around me while i slowly calm down. Her cock slides ever so slowly out. "Good girl," She murmurs again as She pulls out, "Good girl," and my pussy tightens one last time.

"Happy anniversary my sissy pet" She says.

i couldn't have asked for a more meaningful gift.  

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